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  1. Saying YES when opportunity knocks

    At CHAS, getting the care and support right for our children and families is at heart of everything we do. So much so, we invited Claire, mum of Emmy to take part in the interviews for our new Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Claire has very kindly shared her experience.

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  2. Transforming lives through volunteering in the Covid-19 crisis and beyond

    Looking back at our volunteering highlights from 2019-20, Morven Maclean, Head of Volunteering, was struck by how different this next year is going to be.

    In this post Morven talks about the impact Covid-19 has had on volunteering at CHAS and you can download the Volunteering highlights report.

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  3. Top Scots actor Gerard Butler backs Big Girly Quiz for CHAS!

    Hollywood heartthrob announces support for children’s hospice charity’s latest virtual fundraiser.

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  4. First 100 days and a pandemic

    Following his appointment earlier this year, CEO Rami Okasha has written a blog on his first 100 days in post and how we continue to support children with life shortening conditions and their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  5. Coronavirus, we are in it together

    These are challenging times which we are living and working through across the world. In CHAS, we too are facing these challenges, and 'necessity is already proving to be the mother of invention' for many health care services, and this very much includes ourselves.

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