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Time is Precious, Time to Act - CHAS manifesto launched

CHAS is calling on politicians of all parties to stand alongside the 16,700 families across the country facing the terrifying heartbreak that their child may die young.

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  1. Equality, diversity and inclusion matters to all

    Today, we are delighted to share more about our CHAS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy. Read more about the four key outcomes that we want to achieve over the coming years.

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  2. Care 24 Evaluation

    In 2014, nursing teams in NHS Lothian and CHAS set out to address the lack of home-based end of life nursing care available to families whose children were dying. They aimed to create a service that would allow families to choose to have end of life care in their home; safe in the knowledge that they'd have access to specialist nursing support 24/7. They called this service Care24.

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  3. Corporate partnerships: a blog from PwC Scotland

    For our final corporate partner blog post of 2021, we're delighted to feature PwC Scotland. Senior Associate, Jemma Doherty explains why matching values and reaching children with life shortening conditions and their families throughout Scotland was the perfect fit for their organisation.

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  4. We always have a friend in Quorum Cyber

    Continuing our series of guest posts from our corporate partners, we’re delighted to feature Quorum Cyber. Managing Director, Federico Charosky outlines the very special relationship between our two organisations and why reaching every child and family in Scotland that needs us is so crucial.

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  5. Corporate partnerships: a blog from Scottish Gas

    In the lead up to Christmas, we have asked some of our corporate partners to write a guest blog post highlighting why they think it's never been so important for both individuals and organisations to support CHAS this Christmas. Our first guest blog post is from David Robertson, Head of Customer Delivery at Scottish Gas, who has a personal attachment to CHAS and the work we do in the community.

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