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Get your business involved in partnership with us

The funding we receive from businesses plays an important part in helping us to keep the joy alive for children and their families all over Scotland.

Business partnership with CHAS

Bring joy to your workplace

Your business will have an impact on their lives. But, we can also have an impact on your team and make a real difference to your business.

There are lots of ways that your company can get involved.

Make CHAS your Charity of the Year

How would you like your business to make a difference every day?

By partnering with CHAS your teams will be supporting families who are living with the reality of losing their child before adulthood.

It doesn’t matter what level of commitment you can give. Or, the size of your company. We can create a partnership that suits your business and your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

And, any support you give us will help us to reach more and more of the families all over Scotland who are in need of our help.

Lots of reasons to get involved

Working with CHAS as your Charity of the Year really can be good for your business.

  • Giving something back, and seeing the impact of this, is great for boosting morale and overall staff satisfaction
  • Volunteering offers good team building opportunities whilst knowing that the hard work makes life a little easier for our families
  • Getting involved can help you build a stronger relationship with your local community
  • Everything’s tailored to suit your CSR objectives, depending on the level of support you can give

What we’ll give you

For starters, you’ll have a dedicated account manager giving you one point of contact at CHAS. Not to mention, support from our PR team who are full of local press knowledge. You’ll also get all of this:

  • Use of our ‘Proud to Support’ logo on your company literature
  • Promotion of fundraising events and achievements on our website and social media pages
  • Access to our fundraising materials, including everything from banners and collecting cans, to balloons and leaflets
  • The chance to receive on-site presentations and to look around our hospices to see the difference your money makes
  • Regular fundraising updates and ‘Thank you’ letters to circulate internally

Payroll giving

This is a simple, tax-free way for your employees to support CHAS through their wages. It’s easy to set up and your staff can choose a regular amount that suits them.

How it works

Say, for example, a donor gives £10 a month from their pre-taxed income:

  • This reduces the amount of income tax they pay by £2 each month (or £4 for higher rate tax payers)
  • The actual cost to the donor is £8 (or £6 for a higher rate taxpayer)
  • The charity gets £10
  • And, there’s no financial cost to the business

It all adds up.

If 135 staff give just £1 a week, the total value to CHAS is £585 a month or £7,020 a year.


As well as supporting everything we do at CHAS, sponsorship is an opportunity for your business to reach a whole new audience.

No one else in Scotland does what we do. And, our sponsorship opportunities are also unique. In fact, we hold a number of well-known and very successful events throughout Scotland.

  • Rocking Horse Ball, Prestonfield, Edinburgh
  • Ladies Lunches in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen
  • Sporting events
  • Capital Sci-Fi Convention


More and more companies are realising how important it can be to offer their valuable time and skills to other organisations. At CHAS we understand that this offers us some important opportunities.

We run an extensive and co-ordinated volunteering programme for our corporate supporters – offering a number of different ways for companies to give us their support.

This includes opportunities in the local communities and also in our hospices. Find out more about the different ways that your company can get involved in our volunteer programme.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: