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Support for brothers and sisters

At CHAS we’re dedicated to supporting children with life-limiting conditions and all of their family – including brothers and sisters.

Two sisters and brother smiling at camera

We know that siblings have their own interest and needs. And, as brothers and sisters often share many of their experiences together, this can lead to them forming a very special bond.

Having a brother or sister who’s ill, or has a disability, often helps their sibling develop many positive skills, including increased empathy. But, it can also cause some problems. They might worry about the illness. Or, perhaps feel isolated from the rest of the family.

At CHAS we understand this.

How we can help.

A stay in one of our hospices can make a big difference. With art rooms, gardens and soft play areas, there are plenty of ways you can spend some quality time together as a family. Always knowing that our team are on hand to offer their care and support.

But, we also have a range of activities and support for brothers and sisters.

  • We run a number of special events that are just for siblings.
  • In certain situations we can offer one-on-one support for brothers and sisters. 
  • Friendships with other siblings are encouraged, which can give them an extra level of support.
  • We can liaise with schools or other groups to make sure they have a consistent and caring network.
  • We offer pre and post-bereavement support for siblings – always following a family’s wishes.

At CHAS we’re always here for the whole family. And we understand just how important brothers and sisters are in caring for a sibling. We offer comfort and support whenever it is needed.  

Further help.

Here are some other support services that you might find useful.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: