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Meet Zoë, a wonderful artist who created the letter E

Find our more about how we support Zoë and her family.

Zoë has acute cerebral palsy. She is blind and suffers from seizures. She also has the cheekiest sense of humour. ‘She takes the greatest pleasure in saying no when you expect her to say yes,’ explains her mum, Heather.

When Zoë was born the doctors told Heather and her husband, Gerry, to be sure to enjoy every day they had with her. And, with CHAS’ support, that’s exactly what they’ve done. ‘We try to make memories and enrich Zoë’s life as we are aware she has a life-shortening condition,’ says Heather. ‘It’s such a comfort knowing that when the end does come, CHAS will be there. And if they’re anything like they have been all through Zoë’s life, I just know they’ll be amazing". 

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