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This supporter is out of this world!

Keith supports us through organising the incredible Capital Sci-Fi Con.

We are so proud of our super volunteer Keith Armour who was recently awarded the Points of Life award by Theresa May to recognise his outstanding volunteer work.

He is a Sci Fi fan and has raised more than £110,000 for CHAS through the annual Capital Sci-Fi Con in Edinburgh. This non-profit pop culture, comic and movie convention is hugely popular and we appreciate every penny raised for CHAS!

On visiting Rachel House, he said : “When you first go there, you expect it to be a really sad place. But when we met the families, children and staff, it was so upbeat. Without the palliative care that CHAS provide for these families, they just wouldn’t be able to do normal life activities with their children.”

Keith is a full-time carer for his daughter Leah, who has Type 1 diabetes. She needs an insulin pump and gets her blood checked every two hours. He says: “Leah has her issues but the kids in the hospice have a lot more. There are many families out there who don’t know about the hospice and I want to help get the word out.”

Thank you Keith – you are one superhuman volunteer and fundraiser!

Find out more about the amazing ways you can fundraise for CHAS and make a difference for families across Scotland.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: