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The Dude is Iain McAndrew's guide dog and a valued member of the CHAS team.

You will often see The Dude around the hospices and CHAS offices.

You will probably notice that The Dude is larger than most guide dogs, this is due to him being a German Shepherd/Labrador mix.

He is a very friendly and affectionate dog however we must respect that he is a working dog.

When he is not working he very much enjoys doing zoomies, going long walks and sleeping.

Things to bear in mind when you see The Dude are: if he is wearing his harness or vest, please don’t distract him. Iain is happy for you to pet or speak to The Dude but it is best to let Iain know first or better still, just ask if it’s okay? Water is always welcomed by The Dude, so please feel free to bring him a bowl.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: