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Precious Memories

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Layla with her mum at home next to their Christmas tree.

Last year Kimberley, Craig, and Sophia, celebrated Christmas at home with Layla for the first time.

This Christmas they will celebrate her precious memory.

Twin girls, Sophia and Layla arrived by emergency Caesarean section at just 34 weeks.

Sophia started crying straight away, but Layla wasn't breathing and needed resuscitated.

Their parents expressed feeling a mix of emotions - pure joy, anxiety and fear - as they held their first-born daughter while her sister was fighting for her life a few feet away. Thankfully, Doctors managed to stabilise Layla and she was ventilated to help maintain her breathing.

Layla was later diagnosed with a rare condition called arthrogryposis. She was given a tracheostomy in the hope that it would solve her breathing problems but unfortunately, after just 16 days, she had to be put back on to the ventilator.


Layla spent the next year in hospital, including her first Christmas.

It was clear that she could never leave hospital for more than a few days because she needed constant medical care and supervision. But, her parents didn't want to spend another Christmas in hospital and thanks to the support of the CHAS at Home team they didn't have to!

They got to spend Christmas at home together.

Layla's parents said it was the best gift they could ever have asked for!

Three photos of Layla dressed in a baby santa outfit at home with dad and sister

Thanks to CHAS at Home, Kimberley and Craig also got to celebrate Sophia and Layla's last birthday together at home.

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Just being at home for two of the biggest milestones in Layla's short life meant so much to their family.

They were also able to enjoy a short stay at Robin House for respite care where they could eat together; enjoy messy play and splash in the swimming pool. The girls loved the music therapy.

Watching Layla and Sophia wiggling along to 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' will be a memory their Mum will hold onto forever, and one of her last memories of her beautiful daughter Layla, who sadly died the following day.

Since Layla's death, her family have received support from the dedicated bereavement support service CHAS has set up.

Nothing will ever take away the pain of losing their daughter but the precious moments CHAS gave them as a family means that Layla will always feel close to them.

This will be the first Christmas without their little girl, and reliving the pain and joy of their family journey is going to be heart breaking.

But it's even harder for families across Scotland who are facing the death of their child alone.

Our TV ad depicts the heartbreak faced by families whose children die young and features CHAS nurse, Jane Carter who works at Robin House.

Your support provides hospice and at home care for families so that they can spend precious time together.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: