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CHAS has a dedicated transition team to work alongside young people over the age of 18 years to enable them to move on into adult age appropriate care.Transition-Cori

Moving on from CHAS

In CHAS, we offer support to babies, children and young people up to the age of 21 years, and their families. Moving from children’s to adult services is an important step and we talk about this as 'transition'. When that time comes, our transition team will support you, and those closest to you, to ensure a smooth transition away from CHAS. The team will work with you to find support and care which is more suitable for you as a young adult and help you to achieve goals.

Our Transition Team

Our team is based in Rachel House and Robin House and we work with young people from all over Scotland. So we can help you get your transition right. We take time to do this and we will start talking to you about your transition from the age of 18. You will have your own transition worker who can visit you at home, in your local community, or in the hospice when you come in for a break.

The transition team are:

Claire Turnbull - Transition Manager

Jen Milburn - Transition Worker

Dan Short - Transition Worker

Laura Paterson - Administrative Assistant

Useful Resources

Read more about transition in CHAS: Transitions Brochure - Moving on from CHAS and CHAS Transition Policy

You and your family may find useful information on these websites:

Contact us

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If you would like to know more about the transition team, please call Claire Turnbull on 01577 865777 or email