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Sabeena - Volunteer Archivist

Sabeena is a volunteer archivist at CHAS Head office.

She archives the documentation that CHAS has built up since we started operating in 1992.

Professional Skills

Sabeena is a mother of two girls and was looking to return to work. She was attracted to volunteering and CHAS as it offered the flexibility to continue being a mum, and the opportunity to get her professional confidence back.

View more of Sabeena's story:

CHAS are such a great organisation…to inspire you, to use your professional skills


Looks good on the CV

Volunteering can look good on the CV as it shows passion, the willingness to learn new skills and the ability to work in different environments. Sabeena is able to apply her existing skills of Record management and Data management but also has the opportunity to pick up new skills.

Flexible working

Like most volunteers, Sabeena is able to pick what days she works. This flexibility allows her to fit the hours she works around the important job of being a mother.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: