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Chiara and Lewis - Retail Volunteers

Chiara and Lewis do voluntary work at our shops.

Both volunteer on Saturdays and have learnt many new skills.

Retail skills

Both Chiara and Lewis volunteer to work in one of CHAS's four retail outlets on a Saturday. They are both looking to gain new skills and experiences that will help their development, whilst giving something back.

Lewis has been inspired by his brother and mother who also volunteer. His volunteering experience will go towards him achieving his Duke of Edinburgh, Gold Award. Chiara feels her volunteering experience will strengthen her UCAS application.

See more of Chiara's and Lewis's story:

It's a great experience - I'd highly recommend it.

Lewis - Retail Volunteer

Meeting new people

Both Chiara and Lewis enjoy interacting with the public, meeting new people alongside learning about retail. They have found the other staff to be very supportive which has helped them to develop their skills quickly.

Interesting and rewarding work

It's interesting working in the shops as they tend to attract a broad range of customers. Many of the donations are also interesting and it's exciting to see what's brought in next.

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