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'Mary' Christmas To You All

Tuesday 20 December 2016

As Christmas Day fast approaches, we share this blog from ‘Mary Doll’, one of our amazing hospice volunteers who embodies the Christmas spirit and spreads smiles with her imaginative outfits.

You too can spread smiles this Christmas by making a donation of £10 which could help to turn a child's bedroom in the hospice into a winter wonderland at 

MaryDoll1“Ho, ho, ho. My name is Mary (affectionately known as ‘Mary Doll’), and I am a volunteer receptionist at Robin House.

“When I was born with Spina Bifida, 65 years ago, things were very different. My mother was advised to place me in a care home and told that I probably wouldn’t see my first birthday. Oh, how things have changed. Thank heavens that we have brilliant places like Robin House for children with severe health issues and their families. I volunteer here to give something back for the fantastic life that I have been lucky enough to have had.MaryDoll2

“Friday is my usual day to come in. I meet the families who are leaving in the morning and I greet the families who are arriving for the weekend. The ones leaving have usually had a great wee break and the ones arriving are looking forward to their time. You feel that you have played a small part in helping to relieve some of the stress that must be involved for everyone living with a sick child.

“Christmas is an even more special time here. The house is decorated and sparkly, and usually the staff and volunteers too! Excitement builds up over the month of December, as all MaryDoll3sorts of fantastic activities are arranged, outfits get more and more festive, and everyone loves the magical atmosphere as the tension builds up to Santa’s visit.

“My inner child comes out to play and I get to go as far as my imagination can take me with my outfits, flashing lights, and my fancy hats. They definitely make people smile and laugh out loud on some occasions. I love it.

"If I had a Christmas wish, it would be that I could have a second one. The first wish would be that loads of donations would roll in to keep this fantastic place running, and my second would be that I am here for many more years helping out.

"A ‘Mary’ Christmas to you all!”

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