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‘Keep the Joy Alive’ Campaign Takes Gold at DMA Awards

Capping off a banner year for CHAS, we have scooped the award for Best Brand Building for our 'Keep the Joy Alive' campaign at the internationally recognised DMA Awards in a ceremony held in London this past Tuesday (4 December).

Iain McAndrew, CHAS Director of Development and Communications, said: "We put children at the very heart of our 'Keep the Joy Alive' campaign, in fact they designed the lettering that people now identify with CHAS. The irony here is that we banned use of the word 'rebrand' during the process in order to get past the boundaries of corporate language and speak to people on a purely human level. 'Keep the Joy Alive' was developed in that spirit, thanks to the insight that only our families can provide.

"This award recognises the hard collaborative work put in by Different Kettle and our design team on what has proven to be a monumental campaign for us, and highlights the importance of storytelling in all that we do. We need to reach every family that needs us in Scotland and this newfound cohesion is a solid step forward in that regard.

"We were humbled to be joined at the awards by two mums who CHAS have supported, as well as a volunteer from our crucial home support programme. Having them represent us made this an extra special evening in keeping with how we have developed this campaign."

The win follows on from the campaign's recognition as best in 'Brand Development' at the Third Sector Awards this past September - reserved for the best new, changed or evolved brand.

Our design partner, Different Kettle, is a direct marketing and fundraising agency working exclusively in the not for profit sector. They specialise in developing insightful propositions which are brought to life through powerful and innovative creative execution, inspiring support from members of the public for charities such as CHAS.

Nick Holmes, Creative Director at Different Kettle, said, "It's been a pleasure and privilege to develop this work with CHAS and it's great to have it recognised with awards. But the real achievement is that it's helping to raise more money so that CHAS can help more of the families that need them."

The 'Keep the Joy Alive' Campaign Background

CHAS services include two hospices, an at-home service and nurses working in the NHS, but they all have different names, which brought about the requirement to consolidate who we are. There are more than 15,000 children in Scotland living with incurable conditions that will cut their lives tragically short. As the only charity in Scotland that provides hospice services for these children, CHAS needed to change the public perception in order to increase fundraising income in its efforts to meet that demand.

CHAS engaged direct marketing and fundraising agency Different Kettle in a concerted effort to reposition itself. Stakeholder research inspired the strapline "Keep The Joy Alive" and a unifying visual concept: the CHAS alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet was designed by the children and families cared for by CHAS, putting them at the heart of our identity. The letters and individual stories behind them helped galvanise the charity's mission to reach every family in Scotland.

The campaign was unveiled in May 2017 as the start of a major fundraising drive and in partnership with Trinity Mirror, the new CHAS alphabet was included on the masthead of the Daily Record. Awareness of CHAS rose from 58 per cent to 61 per cent, while 23 per cent of those polled recognised "Keep The Joy Alive" as the CHAS call to action. Referrals to CHAS services are subsequently up by 22 per cent, and so an exciting new chapter for the charity begins.

Pictured above is Marshall Williamson, 15, creating a letter of the CHAS alphabet with designer Rob Brookes, Senior Art Director at Different Kettle, while his family were visiting Rachel House in Kinross.

For further information please contact: David Kerr, Press Officer, davidkerr@chas.org.uk, 0131 444 4013.

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