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CHAS is Celebrating the #PowerOfYouth this #iwillWeek

Max, one of CHAS' youth volunteers helped us celebrate #iWillWeek by interviewing Maggie, the gardener at Robin House, about youth social action

This year CHAS has been participating in the #iwill campaign which wants to make participation in social action the norm for young people under 20. Youth social action refers to activities that young people do to make a positive difference to others or the environment. There are lots of ways in which young people can take practical action to make a positive difference.

Max, one of our youth volunteers interviewed Maggie, the gardener at Robin House and asked her all about youth social action. 

Q1. Why do you think that youth social action is important?

"I think that youth social action is important as it is young people taking an interest in the world around them and realising that they have powers that can make changes (however small) that has an impact on their future."

Q2. What type of social action (volunteering, campaigning etc) have you been involved in?-now and when you were younger?

"I volunteered with the Balloch Park Ranger when I was young and I was active with Chile Solidarity and CND."

Q4. What advice would you give your younger self about why youth social action is an important thing to be involved in?

"I would tell my younger self not to grow complacent about things the older I get and to stay enthusiastic and passionate about things that matter."

Q5. Tell us/me about some of the great and/or promising examples of youth social action that you have seen in the past couple of years?

"Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai"

Q6. What advice would you give to your colleagues, and other leaders, about why they should support youth social action?

"Youth social action is excellent for the individual to grow as a person which then goes on to benefit communities and ultimately the world. People doing small things to make changes for the better in society can only be a good thing."

CHAS is committed to youth social action and youth volunteering which is why we allow volunteers of all ages get involved. Interested in volunteering with us? Have a look at the roles we are currently recruiting for.

Want to know more about the #iWill campaign? www.iwill.org.uk tells you all about it.

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