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Azeem's work experience

Seventeen-year-old Azeem Ahmed from Kings Park, Glasgow, has been supported by Robin House since 2006. Azeem recently completed a work experience placement at Robin House, where he joined the Maintenance Team assisting with repairs around the hospice.

This is the first time that Robin House has had someone in on a work experience placement, so we caught up with Azeem to find out how he got on.

Q.1 - Tell us a bit about yourself Azeem?

I’m in 6th year at Ashton Secondary and apart from maintenance projects, I love cars and making money. In my spare time I like going to concerts and I'm grateful to Robin House who help me get tickets through their partnership with the charity Rebecca Rocks.

Q.2 - Why did you decide you would like to do work experience at Robin House?

During my visits to Robin house I would normally spend time with the Maintenance Team, so I thought it would be helpful to gain work experience in a familiar environment, working with people who I already know.

Q.3 - Tell us about the tasks you have been doing during your work experience?

There are two Hugh's in the Maintenance Team at Robin House, so I spent time with big Hugh, wee Hugh and Callum doing soldering, fire alarm testing, maintenance checks and problem solving, which I'm brilliant at! I really enjoyed being ALLOWED to set off the fire alarm!

Q.4 - What skills will you take away with you from your time at Robin House?

Before, I used to find paperwork boring but now I have learned how helpful and important it is with regards to health and safety. The Maintenance Team taught me lots of valuable skills and I had a great time working with them and everyone at Robin House.

Q.5 - Any memorable moments from your work experience you’d like to share?

I was so happy to receive my CHAS Robin House Maintenance Team shirt! Finally I have 'official' authority in the place! In my new role I made sure the Christmas 'Elf & Safety' door had the most important part of Callum's uniform displayed too....his HAT! Our decorated door even came third in Christmas door competition! Result!

Q.6 - What would you say to anyone thinking about taking part in work experience or volunteering with CHAS?

CHAS is a very accommodating and welcoming organisation and they offer really varied opportunities and experiences for volunteers. They let you see all aspects of the organisation.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: