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You can help us reach more children like Eilidh and their families.

Every week three children in Scotland die from a life-shortening condition. Tragically, Children's Hospices Across Scotland - better known as CHAS - can only be there for one of them.


Our team of care professionals already achieve so much.

Through our two hospices - Rachel and Robin House - and our CHAS at Home team, we reach out every year to as many families across Scotland as we can, but still, we're only reaching 1 in 3 children who could benefit.

It's not enough.

To reach every family, we need more specialist nurses, more doctors and more trained carers.

And that means, quite simply, that we need to raise more money.

Only then can we keep the joy alive for every family as they face the cruellest challenge of all - being told your child will die before you do.

Our nurses keep the joy alive

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See how Lynsey, Derek and Sue keep the joy alive.

Lynsey, Senior Staff Nurse

Lynsey - Senior Staff Nurse - CHAS

"She's so full of joy! I'm always here for little Eilidh."

"You'd love Eilidh. She's so happy. Which is remarkable given her condition. Her digestive system doesn't work properly and she's fed via a line which enters just below her heart. She's hooked up for 19 hours a day, so family life revolves around making sure her needs are met.

"I'm the only other person that mum allows to put Eilidh's line in. So when they come to Robin House, I can give her a wee break. Time to be mum again. And I get to play glitter with Eilidh. Loads of it! Her 'fairy dust'."

Derek, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Derek - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

"A mum and dad were spending their last precious moments with their child. I couldn't let the snow stand in my way."

"My whole street was buried under snow. I barely made it 50 yards in my car. But I simply had to get to Rachel House. We had a child receiving end of life care and I had to be there for them. I called up a friend with a 4X4 and we ploughed our way in! I ended up sleeping over at the hospice for the next four days."

Sue, Senior Staff Nurse, CHAS at Home

Sue - Senior Staff Nurse - CHAS

"CHAS is keeping the joy alive, right across the whole of Scotland."

"My team covers the north, but I have colleagues all over Scotland, determined to help families in any way they can, no matter where those families live, the time of day or the weather. You name it, we've trudged single-track roads in wind and rain; made the long road-trip down to Fort William; taken the John O'Groats ferry to Orkney. We just wish there were more of us, so we could be there for every family in the country."

Your support today will help us reach more families across Scotland.

Here are some of the ways your money could help.

£10 could help a Senior Staff Nurse like Lynsey bring more happiness, joy (and magical sparkly princess moments) to children like Eilidh. Supporting half an hour of their time.

£20 could help an Advanced Nurse Practitioner like Derek bring complex medical care to families - allowing them more moments to giggle, to snuggle and to smile. Supporting an hour of their time.

£40 could help a CHAS at Home nurse like Sue keep the joy alive for families, wherever they are in Scotland. Supporting two hours of their time.

Donate online

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: