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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is about having time to listen to people and to support them in any way necessary. It is not necessarily religious – although for many families using CHAS services it will mean this.Spiritual Care

We believe that being able to share thoughts and feelings is an important part of support provided by CHAS. Sometimes that can be about life in general or a situation in particular. Other times it is grappling with the big questions. Why me? How can I make sense of all this? How do I have hope?

Although all staff are committed to providing spiritual care to you and your family, Chaplains are specialists in this area.

Role of the Chaplain

Being able to talk through some of the big questions with the Chaplain has allowed me to focus on enjoying my child’s time. (A parent)

Our Chaplains are specialists in spiritual care and their role is to help families using CHAS services with their spiritual needs.

Chaplains are interested in listening to whatever you would like to share. They respect the beliefs of each person, whether it is religious or non-religious. As part of the faith community they can talk about issues of faith raised by the impact of a member of the family having a life-limiting condition.

A family member may just need someone to listen to them about their frustrations, their fears or their hopes for the future.

Here are some of the ways that we can offer support:

  • A listening presence to share hopes, dreams and fears – or simply share whatever is important at the time.
  • Spiritual or religious support and pastoral care, for children, young people and families at all times.
  • Involvement in christenings, child blessings, namings, weddings and funerals.
  • Ongoing bereavement support.
  • The opportunity for prayer and reflection either in the hospices or at home.
  • Services of reflection and thanksgiving as required.
  • Contact with religious leaders in your local community to ensure religious and cultural needs are understood and met.
  • Home visits.

If you would like to speak to a Chaplain, please contact Monica Stewart or Marion Keston at Rachel House on 01577 865777 or Amanda Reid at Robin House on 01389 722055.