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Fund our work

Our family of donors play a crucial part in helping us to keep the joy alive.

Over the years, philanthropy has played an important role in making sure CHAS can support thousands of children with life-shortening conditions.

Rachel House care facilities

A gift that spreads joy.

So much of what we've achieved wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of individuals, trusts and companies large and small. It's helped us build Rachel House and Robin House, increase our vital services in hospitals, and provide our CHAS at Home service throughout Scotland.

But, there are still families across the country who desperately need our help.

To help us reach them all we rely on the ongoing support of donors.

Do you think you could be one of them?

To find out more about becoming involved in the CHAS family, please contact crionaknight@chas.org.uk or call us on 0141 779 6180.

The impact of funding.

We've always relied on significant support from generous individuals, trusts and some of the most notable UK companies. These donations have had an impact on babies, children, young people and their families - all over Scotland.

Over the years we've helped to transform children's palliative care. Future gifts will make sure that this continues. It means that we can achieve our mission to reach every family in Scotland who needs our help.

Where your money goes.

  • Investing in expert medical and nursing teams across hospices, communities and hospitals
  • Transforming family support - including activities, bereavement care and our chaplaincy service
  • Life-changing equipment - including medical, technological and play equipment
  • Developing our volunteer workforce to enhance care for each child and family
  • Improving the infrastructure and facilities of CHAS sites and hospices, so we can provide the best possible standards of care and support services

Why get involved?

CHAS is Scotland's national children's hospice provider. We're a recognised leader in children's palliative care - consistently rated as excellent by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. We're also the first charity to receive the Investors in Volunteering award.

We work together with our family of donors to match their interests with our priorities. Our programme areas span projects within the hospices, our communities and hospitals. And, if you choose to invest in our work, we'll make sure that it's used in an area that matters to you.

In turn, hospice visits, invitations to special events and meetings with our senior staff mean you can really get involved and see just how important your gift to us really is.

If you'd like to make an impact and help us reach more families across Scotland, please email crionaknight@chas.org.uk or call us on 0141 779 6180.

If you want to talk to someone about your own situation or find out more about our services, please get in touch: